Why Choose Baza Medical

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A proactive medical program individually designed to help you live at  your best.

Baza Medical is an innovative, specialty medical clinic which complements your traditional doctor—we are solely focused on improving vitality, performance, and well being rather than treating acute disease.

BMG utilizes the latest in medical research and strives to help men bulletproof their bodies. Let us help you game plan a personalized program to maximize your physical and mental performance.

Guided by advanced diagnostics in combination with the effort you put into it, we take you from running on “E” to getting back your swagger.  Put another way; we take you from where you are today and bring you where you could be.  The BMG process is similar to taking your minivan to the shop and getting back a sports car.

Customized Medicine

After a thorough analysis of numerous aspects of human biological functions, we create a customized blueprint that charts a path to your highest level of function.

Each and every patient spends a significant amount of time with Dr. Baza. Our service is intentionally limited to no more than 250 active patients to allow maximal access and individualized attention.

Not Alternative Medicine

While there is nothing traditional about our approach to improving your life, we are not a form of “alternative medicine”.  Our model is research and evidence-based.

We understand it is easy to be confused. There are so many contradicting types of medical advice and unsubstantiated claims often based on very little empirical evidence. This is clouded further by imprecise and unclear terms like anti-aging or age management.  There is no such thing as anti-aging, there are no wonder treatments that will turn back the clock and give you your youth back.  But we can get your foot off the accelerator of aging and restore the damage that poor lifestyle choices have caused.  We are realistic about what we can achieve and will be very blunt about our findings and what is required to get you at your best.  No magic potions - just science, discipline, and consistent work is what brings lasting change.

Why Choose Baza Medical

Traditional medicine treats acute and chronic conditions. Baza Medical offers a proactive and results driven approach to medicine for men determined to optimize their lives – men determined to regain their inner ALPHA.