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Our Patients Say It Best

"I am rapidly becoming the person I always wanted to be. Everyone I know has made comments about the change." DM

"In August of 2007, I was referred to Dr. Baza by a local surgeon. Two years earlier I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. It seemed like I was feeling worse with each passing day. When I flew out to see Dr. Baza, my stamina was at an all-time low. In fact I was unable to walk from the plane up the jet-way. Within three months of my visit with Dr. Baza I reported I felt 'good but not great.' Within six months, I was feeling great. Best of all, my cardiologist told me that my ejection fraction has improved from a low of 26 to 46. I feel like I can run a marathon. While of course that is not possible, I am back to playing golf, albeit with a handicap flag. I still have trouble walking up inclines and stairs, however, I am able to walk on the treadmill four times a week for 40 minutes at 3.0 miles per hour, and I use weights four days a week. I've lost 30 pounds and was able to get rid of my sleep apnea mask." TP

"I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you of the success I have been having... Put simply I have never felt this good in my life! I feel like I am 17 again. In 7 weeks I have:

  • Dramatically changed my fat to muscle ratio
  • Completely eliminated my need for carbohydrates
  • Dramatically changed my diet
  • Unlearned many of the habits and neural associations that have held me back physically, emotionally and professionally

The results have been:

  • Absolutely NOTHING gets under my skin, I feel like I am covered in armor. Things at work that used to get my blood pressure up have no effect on me. More importantly I am able to remain cool, calm, and collected while others are panicking
  • I am significantly more focused, productive, and creative. The quality and quantity of my work has shot up by an order of magnitude. It has completely eliminated my "job burnout"
  • My relationship with my wife has SIGNIFICANTLY improved both emotionally and physically
  • I am able to passionately enjoy my family time
  • I have NO STRESS
  • I am able to effect a mental calming state change instantly
  • I sleep better than I ever have in the past
  • My workouts are much more intense. My strength and weights are going up 10 % to 25% per week. I am boxing once a week, attending Boot Camp once a week, doing cardio intervals once a week, and lifting 3 times a week. I have lost 4 inches on my waist. My chest, arms and legs are much more cut. My wife says I am more sexy than the first time we met.

Put simply, I am rapidly becoming the person that I always wanted to be. Everyone I know has made comments about the change--I really think anyone our age, with our stresses, should investigate this program. If you think about it, we spend more money per year maintaining our cars than we do our bodies! We will have the car for 4 or 5 years, but we will have our bodies 90+ years. Think about it." DM

"I just had my annual physical and had scores like a kid again! High good cholesterol, very low bad cholesterol. Cut my resting blood sugar from 120s to 90s. Lost 6 inches on my waist without losing any scale weight (I am gaining muscle as fast as I am burning up the fat). My testosterone levels went from the 150s, (very low), to the mid 1100s, (high normal). I am sleeping better, feeling less stressed, have better moods, and the wife is very happy, if you know what I mean--" DM

"I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Baza. I enjoy my discussions with him, he speaks to me as a professional and doesn't assume that he needs to "dumb it down" for me. He's very kind and approachable. I'm so glad I made the decision to see him.

Because of my experience with Dr. Baza, I have identified a very obscure lab result that has gone undetected for an unknown amount of time. We were able to work together to treat it and my health has only improved since. In addition, he worked with me on various healthy diet options that have ultimately resulted in a 30 pound weight loss (and still losing).

My life has completely changed (I know that sounds corny but it really has). I am much more confident, I feel like I have more control over my weight and I'm actually dating a lot! It actually makes me emotional just thinking about how much has changed for me. I could not be happier with my results and I am confident I will continue to see them." female patient

"I appreciate Dr. Baza's style of communication -- he speaks to me intelligently and I feel like we are having a discussion instead of just him talking to me. He immediately understood my frustration about my inability to lose weight regardless of my efforts to do so (I think the automatic reaction by others is to not trust that the person has actually done the diet and exercise work itself). I had seen multiple health care professionals over several years including endocrinologists, nutritionists, internists, etc. but by my second visit with Dr. Baza, I knew what was hindering my success and was immediately able to see results by implementing his suggestions. I couldn't be happier with my care." female patient

"Personally, I have received outstanding care. Doc has been responsive to my needs and requests for explanation regarding lab work, or just questions in general with regard to the objective at hand: To re-build my body from a fat overstuffed toad to one of lean mass. Dexa [body composition and bone density scanner] indicates total body fat of 13% with over 17 pounds of muscle replaced during the last four years. Bottom line... my energy, strength, and appearance have been enhanced triple fold. [Dr. Baza] has been instrumental in that success to date. With his guidance and patience we will continue to move forward towards the objective."male patient

"[Dr. Baza's] knowledge is so far above the norm that there are not words to express it." male patient

"[Dr. Baza is] very supportive and a source of well-researched information on age management. In addition Dr. Baza is accessible. [I've] gained muscle and lost 20 pounds of fat." male patient