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Sexual health is an important aspect of a fulfilling life – no matter your age.

The desire for intimacy with a loved one will always be timeless. You’ll always want to feel the embrace of another. You should not have to sacrifice this aspect of your life as you age.

As a man ages, he will often experience some decline in sexual performance and waning of sexual interest. This can occur for multiple reasons such as poor vascular health, low testosterone, lack of attraction to your partner, poor self-image, alcohol use, emotional turmoil, stress, fatigue or the multitude of medications that impair sexual function and libido.

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A healthy, robust sex-life is typically a manifestation of great health, self-confidence, high energy levels and a sense of satisfaction with your life and relationships. However, it's hard to muster the desire for sex when you are chronically stressed, unhappy, tired, or feel unattractive. Even the use of advanced pharmaceuticals may not resuscitate the ardor you once had.

Our approach: through obtaining your thorough history, combined with our diagnostics, we often find the underlying causes for this decline and take measures to reverse them. Successful strategies have included, improving health and fitness, enhancing testosterone function,  lowering inflammation,  lifestyle changes, modifying current medications and improving self-image.