What We Do

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Empowering men to be successful in life – to be an alpha male. An alpha male is successful in the boardroom, the bedroom and in life. BMG builds your inner alpha! BMG strives to prevent or reverse the decline that most believe is inevitable with aging – Baza Medical works with individuals ready to commit to their personal evolution:

  • Optimal weight and body composition
  • Improved energy and vitality
  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Sharper mental focus and memory
  • Robust libido
  • Heightened sexual performance
  • Improved mood and relationships

We are ready to partner with you to help achieve YOUR goals – to revive your inner ALPHA!

How We Do What We Do

By taking an analytical approach to your health Baza uses state-of-the-art diagnostics to locate declining functions in the body that could be slowing you down, making you less vigorous, or cause potential serious ISSUES down the road.

Once Dr. Baza analyzes the state of your health, he can engineer a program to get your body back to its original factory settings and optimum function.  This program is not devoid of hard work, but you will have a physician on your team who excels at this process.


  • Hormone optimization
  • Dietary restructuring
  • Precise, goal-directed exercise protocols
  • Targeted supplementation
  • Aggressive disease surveillance and prevention

The BMG program is your personal blueprint for optimal health.

This rigorous medical program and regimen is designed to create the best version of yourself.

Your action plan represents a systematic approach to healthy living incorporating the very best of conventional and interventional preventive medicine. Throughout the program, Dr. Baza provides you with ongoing mentoring and support, as well as diagnostic re-testing. As benchmarks are met, adjustments are made to your program so that it continues to evolve with you.

Baza Medical Isn’t For Everyone

Dr. Baza dedicates himself to a select number of committed patients. Dr. Baza personally manages every patient. BMG limits the size of its practice to ensure high-quality supervision and physician access.