Why a New Model

Baza Medical: Pioneering a New Paradigm of Health Care

Today's health care system is failing us

Think of medicine's definition of healthy as being without disease, or "net zero"; this chart shows how traditional medicine is focused solely on treating ill health.

You may be surprised to hear the U.S. health care system is not set up to keep you healthy. Consider that health care today diagnoses and treats problems when diagnostic results are outside "normal" ranges. That's how health coverage is currently structured to work. Thus, the definition of "healthy" means merely having no disease or disorder. Yet disease doesn't just show up overnight. As Dr. Baza asserts, "Disease is a process rather than an event." While you may have your foot on the accelerator progressing toward disease, your situation is not treated until you have the diagnosis. Unfortunately, at that point it may be too late to slow the progression or reverse course.

As the chart here shows, traditional medical practices focus on ill health and acute conditions; therefore you are "healthy" if no disease is diagnosed. The irony is that medical science now knows more about how to achieve optimal health than ever before, but the current system simply doesn't support making that happen.

When you are treated for a condition, the focus of traditional medicine is usually on treating your symptoms rather than finding and remedying their root cause. The fact is, as much as symptoms are uncomfortable, they serve to broadcast to us that something is wrong. An illustration of this taken to the extreme is the symptom of pain when putting your hand on a hot stove. The pain tells you to move your hand--not keep it there and take pills for the pain! Unfortunately many medical interventions today are analogous to just that scenario.

Baza Medical is charting a new course

After 17 years in the trenches as an emergency room physician seeing first-hand the effects of a reactive health care system--when problems that could've been avoided were irreversible and creating misery and even devastation for patients and their families--Dr. Baza became determined to try to alter that course of destiny. He set out to work with patients to not only proactively prevent disease and age-related disorders, but to help them enjoy life at its healthiest.

In contrast to traditional medicine, Baza Medical focuses on optimizing health.

At Baza Medical, Dr. Baza is pioneering a new model of health care--one that provides patients with the guidance, understanding, tools and interventions to take charge of their own health and achieve optimal health and well-being. Dr. Baza's approach addresses the significant difference between what traditional medicine considers "normal" versus what is "optimal." Up to now this territory of achieving optimal health has been largely ignored by the medical community.

As this new paradigm of optimized health takes hold and people take an active role in maintaining optimal health and preventing ill health, it's estimated that 50% of health care costs could be cut out of the system--a system that today is by far the largest industry, with revenues over $2 trillion and with spending accounting for 16% of the gross domestic product (GDP). The lifting of such an immense economic burden aside, the positive impact this approach can have on people's lives is beyond measure.