What We’re Not

What We're Not

It's easy to be confused about what's best for your health when there are so many conflicting claims and promises being made--often based on very little empirical evidence--and using unclear terms like anti-aging and age management. Because our practice is so unique and innovative, we want to make clear for you how we are different from all the rest.


Not this...
But rather this...
"Alternative medicine" outside the realm of traditional evidence-based medicine
A true licensed and credentialed medical practice committed to clinical excellence that takes a proactive approach to health
A traditional medical clinic that treats acute and chronic conditions, often with prescription medication
An innovative, specialty medical clinic that is complementary to and does not take the place of your traditional doctor--specifically focused on keeping you in robust health, off of medication and preventing degenerative conditions--before they appear or become irreversible
A traditional care model in which doctors spend only a few minutes with you
A highly personalized, consultative model of health care with significant time spent with Dr. Baza--necessitating that the practice be limited to no more than 250 patients
Experimental or investigative medicine
Utilizing the latest advances in accepted, scientifically derived clinical protocols that enable more sophisticated diagnostics and interventions than ever before possible
A preventive medicine specialty practice
An innovative practice that isn't just about maintaining good health and preventing disease--instead we aim for optimizedhealth with a concertedly proactive, interventional approach
Promising anti-aging or increased longevity
Focused on maximizing overall health and vitality so you can enjoy your life to the fullest--now and for the longer term
All about hormone replacement and bioidentical hormones
Focused on the whole person and a comprehensive approach, utilizing bioidentical natural hormones, if clinically indicated, as one facet of a total interventional program
Offering one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf nutritional supplements
Providing individually dosed and prescribed pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplementation based on actual demonstrated needs and deficiencies
A magic pill, fad diet or radical surgery
A partnership between you and Dr. Baza that requires a full commitment and desire on your part to follow the prescribed program
A source of steroids for bodybuilders and athletes
Offering highly individualized, comprehensive programs for noncompeting men and women designed to optimize physiological health--not maximize bulk or push outside of normal ranges