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Maximizing Executive Health, Well-Being & Performance

Executives appreciate the perquisite of their employers' investment in their ongoing health, vitality, cognitive function, performance and productivity. At the same time, employers have a strong motivation to keep their executives functioning at top capacity. Most executive health and age management programs, however, consist of a one-shot comprehensive executive physical, rather than an ongoing program that optimizes health and performance. And the vast majority of them follow the standard medical approach of "don't fix anything until it's broken"--even if measurable levels of wear and tear are evident. In other words, as long as measurements fall in the "normal" ranges, no interventions are recommended, despite those measurements falling very close to abnormal ranges. From our perspective, there is a huge difference between "normal" and "optimal."

Baza Medical provides a unique executive health program, one that is unmatched in the entire Midwest region. Ours is a proactive, preventive approach that prescribes individualized interventions based on thorough, cutting-edge diagnostics to optimize health and performance. These rigorous scientific measures provide a deep understanding of each person's unique biochemistry, genetics, and physiology--and Baza Medical has the expertise to analyze this information and design the program that can bring executives to their peak functioning and well-being. The service is highly personalized--with significant patient/doctor face time and ongoing mentoring and monitoring.

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