The Baza Medical Program

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The Baza Medical program is an integrated lifestyle and medical overhaul. Our program is not only designed to improve your health, energy, mental and physical performance but may also increase your life satisfaction and happiness. Quality of life does not need to begin downshifting after 40, we can help you maintain or even upgrade your health - some even achieve the best shape of their life as a result.

Most people see a doctor for an illness or to manage a chronic problem. The encounter usually begins with the chief concern: “what’s wrong with you.” Modern medicine has expertise in taking someone whose health is a - 6 and improving it to a -2. Medicine does not concern itself with taking health from a +2 and improving it to a +10. In medical terms "Healthy" means free of disease not ultra-well or fit.

At Baza Medical this IS our expertise. This is what we do. This is all we do.

We dig deep - our testing is not to determine if you have a disease yet, but to truly understand your unique biology and how all parts of this complex system work together. We are not interested in pass/fail assessments - we seek to maximize every system towards its highest function. This requires in depth testing and some exotic such as:

  • The Berkeley Heart Lab to measure the intricacies of cholesterol & inflammation
  • Vascular ultrasound to look at artery architecture before problems arise
  • DEXA scan to measure fat, muscle and bone to the gram as well bone health
  • Over 100 blood measurements to know how your systems cooperate with each other
  • Testosterone production pathway, beginning with the chemicals in the brain to its major byproducts including the conversion to estrogen

Once all this data is collected we present it as a PowerPoint, so you, the patient, understand the current state of your health. Empowered with this insight our recommendations have context, which makes compliance better.

We then begin the hard work of changing the factors that are missing the mark, which starts changing the trajectory of your health. To accomplish this we use all the tools at our disposal, pharmaceuticals, hormones, precise exercise prescriptions, diet restructuring, targeted supplementation and improved restorative sleep. We also teach you how to get your foot off the accelerator of aging.

Some issues improve rapidly, others are stubborn and require more time and patience. These are often the issues that took years, or even decades to evolve.

Long Term Solutions

Drugs work fast, usually clamping down a biological process to alter a function. While this may be desirable under certain conditions, there is always a price to pay. Every drug has side effects. We are not anti-drug, but we understand that correction of a problem at its source is harder, requires more discipline, and takes longer. For those with the personal stewardship for this undertaking we mine deeper. We consider questions like: is this problem due to a poor diet or excessive inflammation? What type of exercise and at what intensity will serve me best? Is my body awash with stress hormones as a result of my successful career or my fragmented sleep habits? Does my diet serve my goals? Should I pay more attention to micronutrients?

We aim to modify these markers and get you back to your original factory settings. We select the biggest targets first, and use a combination of methodologies to get you back all the horsepower you were meant to have.

The BMG program is your customized blueprint to a better, stronger, more evolved version of yourself. This may not be easy… but it's well worth the effort for those who choose to go down this road less traveled.